Hotline electric poultry netting renewal

10 Apr

When we set up the area to keep our ducks in, we opted for a Hotline electric poultry netting product to secure their enclosure.

That is now over three years ago and the netting had started to degrade and the constant pushing of the ducks through the holes in the netting seems to have weakened it and the plastic strands have broken.

To be honest, we expected the netting to last longer – wire fencing wasn’t an easy option in our case – and we liked the benefit of an electric fence as well as the flexibility to more the netting to ‘fresh pastures’.

Over the three years we have had our ducks, our attitude to keeping them has changed dramatically.

Like most novice poultry keepers, we were probably very over protective towards the ducks and put the Hotline electric fence on whenever we left them for a short time.

But as time as passed, we still protect them as best we can, but hardly ever use the electric fence facility now. This is a great bonus in that we don’t have to carry the lead acid battery back and forth to charge it.

After a couple of escapes by a couple of the ducks through the broken netting we decided we would replace the netting.

We shopped around for similar products – even without the electric fence capability – but ultimately have come back to 50m of Hotline Electric Poultry Netting.

Unfortunately, Hotline don’t sell replacement netting only, so you have to purchase the full netting and stake package.

We had the cunning plan to use the stakes from the old net to reinforce the new net by inserting them between the stakes that the net comes with.

This plan would mean that the netting was kept more taut which is certainly a good thing we have found.

This part of the exercise was perhaps the hardest bit as when removed from the ground it was found that the spikes at the end of the stakes were rather rusty making it difficult to removed the plastic guide for the lower strand of the net.

We found a way around that using a knife to scrape away the rust enough to remove the guides. If we do it again, we will probably use something a little more mechanical to get a cleaner finish.

We have now installed the new netting and it looks great and the ducks can’t escape.

We will monitor its progress and hope it lasts a bit longer than the previous netting. We will let you know how it performs.

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