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11 Jan

It’s just got dark and the rain has started again so here’s an update on the erection of the electric poultry netting.

After a lot of research online and in local shops we bought 50m of Hotline electric poultry netting from farmers’ co-operative Mole Valley Farmers. It took a long time to find the best price and it really pays to shop around as the prices varied a fair amount.

Unfortunately, the recent very wet weather has meant that the kit has been in the conservatory until today, not because it was too wet to erect it, but because it has been too wet to mow the grass where the ducks will be going. Apparently, grass blades touching the electrified netting are likely to short it out.

This morning, the mowing took place in spite of the water running off the grass blades and erection of the netting took place during the afternoon.

If you are looking to use this type of fencing to surround an area for ducks or indeed any other animal and especially if you are using 50 meters of netting, it really would be worth trying to get a second person to help out.

electric poultry netting on the ground

Electric poultry netting on the ground

Positioning the netting and the posts in roughly the correct place was surprisingly easy and the roll of 50m of netting with the posts in situ isn’t too heavy and fairly easy to move about. Where a second person would pay dividends is helping to tension the netting whilst putting in the posts one by one.

electric poultry netting untensionedAs the light faded this afternoon and the call of the kettle for a cuppa beckoned, the corner posts had been inserted, the hot gate attached and the guy ropes tensioned, but alas the final steps of securing the line closest to the ground with pegs and connecting the energiser, earth rod and battery will have to wait till morning – when the rain is due to start again.



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