Our duck house cleaning regime

1 Aug

Duck house cleaning

The joy of duck keeping – or any other poultry keeping – is the pleasure in watching your healthy animals roaming or playing and knowing that you are looking after them as best you can.

Duck house cleaning

Keeping their duck house clean is not one of the most pleasurable parts of duck keeping, but it is essential if you want to keep healthy and contented animals. And by following a simple duck house cleaning regime, it keeps it easy for you as a duck keeper too.

Our aim for duck house cleanliness has always been to keep it easy for us and to afford the ducks the cleanest housing that we can manage without spending hours on cleaning.

So here’s how we do it – do let us know if you follow a similar pattern or if this is useful to you, if you are new to duck keeping.

As we have said before, we use softwood shavings as our basic bedding material. These are naturally a little antiseptic, so although they will get damp, they are unlikely to go mouldy in normal use. These sit on an old piece of vinyl floor covering, which we think adds a small amount of insultation and keeps damp from rising from below the wooden duck house floor.

We provide a layer of wood shavings approximately 2” deep which seems to be enough to let the ducks make mini nests in it or to pile it up as they see fit.

Our cleaning regime for this is then as follows:

Each day, we remove any duck faeces from the shavings once the ducks have been let out in the morning. Obviously, we take any wet shavings too and replace that amount of shavings with clean, fresh shavings, meaning that the overall level of shavings stays constant.

Then, once a fortnight we remove all the shavings – they make a good mulch for the garden – remove the vinyl flooring and leave the duck house roof open so the inside gets a good airing.

We wipe the vinyl with antiseptic wipes to give them a good clean and leave them in the sun – if possible – to dry and let the UV get at it.

Once everything is dry, we reassemble with a dusting of ground santitising powder under the vinyl, then fresh shavings.

This has been the duck house cleaning regime now for three years and it seems to work for us – and importantly our ducks.



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