Do ducks like rain

28 Jan

With a thirst for knowledge, I recently typed ‘Do ducks’ into a search engine and the fourth suggested question was do ducks like rain? As it seems to have been raining almost non stop since last October, I read on…

According to an article that came up on the Guardian website,  a three year long scientific study has shown that, given a choice, ducks like to sit in a shower of water, rather than swim on water.

ducks in mud - do ducks like rainI suppose in my garden the ducks have both options as they are able to sit in a small pool of water whilst it is raining, so they get wet from above and below.

The study mentioned above attracted some flack back in 2009 for being ‘quackers’, but if keeping ducks has taught me anything in the past couple of weeks, it’s that ducks can’t get enough of the wet stuff.

Speaking for our two ducks, they certainly like to spend hours splashing about in water, washing, preening and when they aren’t in the water, they are stomping about in the mud that they have created. Do ducks like rain or water – yes, I am sure they do.

Before we got the ducks, we of course knew that they needed access to water to wash, clean their eyes and of course to drink to wash their food down, but I think we were surprised just how much they like it.

I suppose that means to anyone reading this who is thinking of keeping ducks, be prepared to keep their pool and drinking bowls filled up and give them as much opportunity to wash themselves and play in water as you can.

When it rains, as it has done for so long now, I might feel a bit down going out to let the ducks out or when putting them to bed at night, but now I feel so much happier knowing that ducks do like rain.

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