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Shropshire baked duck eggs recipe

18 Feb

Shropshire baked duck eggs

A chance encounter with a post on Twitter led to the development of a recipe which I have called Shropshire baked duck eggs. Originally, I was going to sit down and write an article about which bedding to use for ducks, but as is the way of social media, I got distracted. I have already […]

What do ducks eat? Now here is an important question

5 Feb

what do ducks eat

What do ducks eat?  What do ducks eat? Or put another way, what should I feed my ducks on, is another question I have been asking myself since we got our two abacot ranger ducks. Obviously, it is possible to buy commercial food for poultry, including ducks, but it is useful to know what food […]

Our first duck egg

15 Jan

our first duck egg

What a surprise, our first duck egg. It’s still January and ducks lay from about February, or so we thought. Opening the duck house this morning, there it was, a perfect white abacot duck egg. Last night was a bit chilly and there had been a small amount of snow which by morning was really […]

Why choose runner ducks?

7 Jan

Thinking about the breed of duck that would suit our duck keeping needs has taken a good few months. Like many people, we knew that there were many different types of ducks but hadn’t really given much thought about what type of domestic duck would suit us best. When we moved to Shropshire and had […]

What do duck eggs taste like?

1 Jan

An important question: What do duck eggs taste like? How on earth can you explain what duck eggs taste like in words? And why on earth try on a website? Well, over the last couple of years we have discovered that many people we know have some very strong opinions about duck eggs. Even amongst […]