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Introducing a new duck to your flock

4 Apr

Ducks - Introducing a new duck to your flock

Introducing a new duck to your flock Recently, we acquired a new duck which we wanted to live with the rest of our ducks. Here we recount the way we did it with minimal pain to any of the ducks. You might find it useful if you are considering introducing a new duck to your […]

Nice weather for ducks and duck keeping

12 Jan

Abacot ranger ducks arrive

Now I know for certain what is meant by the saying ‘nice weather for ducks’. Having spent the morning finalising the set up of the electric fence, it was a quick trip down to Welshpool to collect the ducks – in the rain. Connecting the energiser and leads to the fence was a straightforward affair. […]

Why choose runner ducks?

7 Jan

Thinking about the breed of duck that would suit our duck keeping needs has taken a good few months. Like many people, we knew that there were many different types of ducks but hadn’t really given much thought about what type of domestic duck would suit us best. When we moved to Shropshire and had […]