Lessons from a week of duck keeping

19 Jan

This time last week we were getting ready to go and collect the ducks. So what has the first week of duck keeping told us?

Two abacot ducks on grass Well, the first sleepless night was certainly worth it. Waking up and letting the ducks out for the first time was a great feeling. Knowing that they had been kept safe through the night and were ready to bound out onto the grass (and dig it up) was a real pleasure.

I’ve learnt that ducks can’t get enough water – well, I suppose I already knew that, but carrying it out to them buckets at a time reinforces that knowledge.

I’ve learnt that ‘mucking out’ is a fairly easy job if you use dust free wood shavings. To any dog lovers out there, I suggest swopping your pooch for ducks – must less muck all round!

I’ve also learnt that the ducks are easier to put to bed whilst it is still light and that, for the last few nights at least, they have been very good and followed my instructions to ‘go into your house now’.

Early on in the week, I discovered that the low retaining fence I had planned to keep them in certain areas was too low and so I had to add another foot to it. It’s probably not the best design in the world, but we wanted a flexible solution that could be moved around a bit so the ducks can have access to fresh bits of grass and possibly to let the grass recover in the areas they have been moved from.

Overall, this first week of duck keeping has been about getting to know the ducks and seeing how they like their new surroundings.

Visitors have said that they both look content, so that is reassuring. After all, we want happy ducks in a healthy environment.

Do you think this video of them confirms they are happy?

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  1. Lesley 01/20/2016 at 10:22 am #

    They look very happy and contented

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