Hotline electric poultry netting renewal

10 Apr

ducks hotline electric poultry netting

When we set up the area to keep our ducks in, we opted for a Hotline electric poultry netting product to secure their enclosure. That is now over three years ago and the netting had started to degrade and the constant pushing of the ducks through the holes in the netting seems to have weakened […]

Our duck house cleaning regime

1 Aug


Duck house cleaning The joy of duck keeping – or any other poultry keeping – is the pleasure in watching your healthy animals roaming or playing and knowing that you are looking after them as best you can. Keeping their duck house clean is not one of the most pleasurable parts of duck keeping, but […]

Introducing a new duck to your flock

4 Apr

Ducks - Introducing a new duck to your flock

Introducing a new duck to your flock Recently, we acquired a new duck which we wanted to live with the rest of our ducks. Here we recount the way we did it with minimal pain to any of the ducks. You might find it useful if you are considering introducing a new duck to your […]

Keeping ducks warm in winter

26 Feb

Duck in snow

Keeping ducks warm in winter might not seem to be a big issue in the UK where our winter temperatures rarely drop too far below zero degrees Centigrade. However, as most of us keep our ducks in small houses or huts, often on exposed land, it’s worth remembering to give ducks a bit more protection […]

Duck soup

12 Jul

Duck soup

If you have landed on this page expecting to find the best duck soup recipe for your dinner tonight, you will unfortunately be disappointed, as this recipe is for ‘green duck soup’, a mixture we give to our ducks nearly daily. Green duck soup came about early one spring as the grass started to shoot […]

Our first year of duck keeping

12 Jan

Two abacot ducks on grass

First year of duck keeping It is now a full year since we collected our ducks and started duck keeping. It has been a super year of duck keeping experience and we have learnt much along the way. A lot has happened in the year too, not least the fact that for the past couple […]

Avian Influenza Prevention Zone

8 Dec

Ducks day one

Avian Influenza Prevention Zone in England, Scotland and Wales By now there can’t be many duck or poultry keepers who don’t know about the avian flue prevention zone measures brought in by Defra. For keepers of small numbers of chickens, the prevention zone measures are fairly easy to implement, if not requiring a little more […]

What is the best bedding for ducks

10 Aug

best bedding for ducks

One of the most important issues for anyone thinking of keeping ducks is likely to be ‘What is the best bedding for ducks?’ All new duck keepers have to provide their poultry with three basic requirements: shelter, water and food. Keeping your ducks happy in their shelter is important not just to the ducks but […]

Shropshire baked duck eggs recipe

18 Feb

Shropshire baked duck eggs

A chance encounter with a post on Twitter led to the development of a recipe which I have called Shropshire baked duck eggs. Originally, I was going to sit down and write an article about which bedding to use for ducks, but as is the way of social media, I got distracted. I have already […]

What do ducks eat? Now here is an important question

5 Feb

what do ducks eat

What do ducks eat?  What do ducks eat? Or put another way, what should I feed my ducks on, is another question I have been asking myself since we got our two abacot ranger ducks. Obviously, it is possible to buy commercial food for poultry, including ducks, but it is useful to know what food […]